ASAP! BRAINLIEST!Data regarding fuel efficiency of an 18-wheel truck were collected. The graph shows the correlation between the average speed above 40 miles per hour (in miles per hour) and the money spent on gas (in dollars):image of a scatter plot with Average Speed on the x axis and Money Spent on Fuel on the y axis with points 1 comma 2, 3 comma 2 and one half, 5 comma 5, 7 comma 7, 9 comma 10, 11 comma 15, and 12 comma 17Estimate the average rate of change from x = 5 to x = 9. 4 −4 0.8 1.25

Accepted Solution

Answer:1.25Step-by-step explanation:From the problem, x-axis is Average Speed, and y-axis is Money Spent. When we talk about the rate of change, we refer to the ratio of each variable change, how much change the Average Speed with respect to Money Spend, this is geometrically referring to a slope, which is the ratio of change of a linear relation between two variables.So, the points to calculate the ratio are (5;5) and (9;10), because the problem is asking from x = 5 to x = 9:[tex]m=\frac{10-5}{9-5}=\frac{5}{4}=1.25 \frac{money}{speed}[/tex]This means that the ratio is 1.25 units of money spent by each unit of average speed.