Is diet or exercise effective in combating insomnia? A. Some believe that cutting out desserts can help alleviate the problem, while others recommend exercise. B. Forty volunteers suffering from insomnia agreed to participate in a month-long test. C. Half were randomly assigned to a special no-desserts diet; the others continued desserts as usual. D. Half of the people in each of these groups were randomly assigned to an exercise program, while the others did not exercise. E. Those who ate no desserts and engaged in exercise showed the most improvement.

Accepted Solution

Answer: The above described question is an EXPERIMENT.Step-by-step explanation:- The subjects studied were ==> 40- The factors studied, and the number of levels for each==> 2factors were studied, each having 2 levels(desserts /no desserts and exercise/no exercise). -The number of treatment ==> 4-The response variable ==> Improvement in sleep ability.