SAFF (Students against Fatty Food) is a group of students who are protesting the food in high school cafeterias. At a recent rally, the students covered the first 40 yards by 40 yards of the football field. There were 24 students in each 8 feet by 8 feet square. What steps would you take to determine how many students were present at the rally?Convert yards to feet, then divide by feet square and multiply by the number of students.Multiply the feet by the number of students.Multiply yards by feet and divide by the number of studentsMultiply the number of students by the yards of the football field.

Accepted Solution

Answer:135 estudents Option C.Step-by-step explanation:We have the total area covered by the students = [tex]40 ^ 2\ yards^2[/tex] and We know that for each area of [tex]8*8 = 8 ^ 2\ feet ^ 2[/tex] there were 24 students. Then we convert yards to feet. We know that 1 yard = 3 feet. So: [tex]40 ^ 2\ yards ^ 2\ *\ \frac{3 ^ 2\ feet ^ 2}{1 ^ 2\ yards ^ 2} = 360\ feet ^ 2[/tex]Now we must divide the covered area between the area occupied by each 24 students and then multiply the result obtained from the division, by the number of students. [tex]= \frac{360\ ft ^ 2}{64\ ft ^ 2}(24\ students)[/tex][tex]= 135\ students[/tex]The correct option is C.