What is 13/9 Divided by 5/16?

Accepted Solution


To calculate 13/9 divided by 5/16, we first understand each piece of the problem. The first fraction (dividend) is 13/9 and the second fraction (divisor) is 5/16.

We start with the initial setup: $\frac{13}{9}$ ÷ $\frac{5}{16}$.

Step 1: The first step isn't division, but multiplication. Multiply the numerator of the dividend (13) by the denominator of the divisor (16). This yields 208, which becomes the numerator of the final answer.

Step 2: Multiply the denominator of the dividend (9) by the numerator of the divisor (5). The result, 45, will be the denominator of the answer.

Step 3: Combine these two numbers into a fraction: $\frac{208}{45}$ = 4.622 rounded to the nearest three decimal points.

So, 13/9 divided by 5/16 equals 4.622 in decimal form and 208/45 in fraction form.

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